Applying to Europe's Next Generation Internet Funding


Building a European initiative for a Human Internet creating an Internet that respects human and societal values, privacy, participation and diversity, and offers new functionalities to support people’s real needs and address global sustainability challenges.

The NGI is dedicated to this goal, and that of fostering a vibrant Open Internet movement that links research, policy, and society.

Funding Opportunities for Free Software

How to Apply to NGI0 Funding?

It’s a very easy process to follow, and we encourage anyone, individual or as part of a formal group, to take a couple of hours and fill the forms to get a chance to receive funding. Across all funding opportunities, NGI0 funding provably offers the best return on investment: it only takes a couple of hours to get ready and earn a chance to receive € 5 000 to € 50 000 of funding for your project.

You can ask for help writing or reviewing your application!

NGI0 Funded Projects

You can have a look at funded projects in Search & Discovery and Privacy & Trust Enhancing Technologies.