About the Interoperability category

Promoting Interoperability in Europe


This category is a working group to discuss interoperability issues within the scope of the European Digital Strategy.
It follows a discussion within the W3 Social Community Group:

Following up the discussion on mastodon, we need to discuss about EU-supported ActivityPub outreach and funding taking over the OTF that was defunded by Trump.
We can also talk about the planned EU Interoperability Law within the “Digital Services Act”. Described in this long thread… We need a lobby and some invited policy advocates, experts and NGOs to the meeting.

How to participate?

Members of the interop group can create topics here and participate by email (interoperability@public.cat).

Everyone can reply (but only known emails can reply by email).

You may use PUBLIC SSO to connect your email to this forum. Sorry, there’s no ActivityPub login yet.

Following the Social CG meeting to establish a Policy SIG, we’re going to move this category and group to the SocialHub. This will be done by next Policy SIG meeting, 2021-01-23T15:00:00Z.

Sorry for the late mention: but here we are with the @policy group on the SocialHub.